Enjoyed being included in the panel for a discussion (in Portuguese) on the translation of Azorean Literature. January 21, 2022.

Honoured to read at the Palavras event on Zoom. A big thank you to Esmeralda Cabral for the invitation to participate on this event on Day of Portugal, June 10, 2021.


Participated as a panelist on the November 10th, 2020 Zoom/Facebook Live book launch of Smiling in the Darkness; Azorean writer, Adelaide Freitas’ story of heartbreaking family separation through immigration and heartfelt saudade, a book I had the honour of co-translating with Katharine F. Baker.


Toronto book launch of the new Portuguese anthology, Avós: Raízes e Nós, on Sunday, September 13, 2020

Thanks to Manuela Marujo and Ilda Januário for organizing this event during a challenging time.

Presented in this  Zoom event sponsored by the Department of Portuguese, UMass Dartmouth: Crossborder Roundtable on Writing & Cultural Agency along with Irene Marques and Humberto da Silva.

Article in the Portuguese American Journal

Honoured to present at my very first Zoom event along with Irene Marques and Humberto da Silva on the topic: Luso-American Literatures and Cultures Today

Manuel da Costa, Manuela Marujo             My friends, Valene, Angela, Berenice


My dear cousin Rita Botelho                      Inês Cardoso (forever)

Thank you to Michael Baptista and Rita Botelho for their photographs.


Professor Manuela Marujo speaking on my short story, “Avó Lives Alone,” at the Let’s Talk About Ageing conference, October 15-16, 2018, in Porto, Portugal

The Word on the Street Pop-Up at Dundas West Fest, Saturday June 3, 2017,  featured Luso Vox readings at 5 pm by Aida Jordão, Dolores Gontijo, Humberto da Silva, Irene Marques, Antonio M. Marques, Emanuel Melo

Irene Marques

    Humberto da Silva                                Antonio M. Marques


Dolores Gontijo                                       Aida Jordão

               Luso Vox sends a big “obrigado” to Word on the Street.





fil-de-tendresse-joaquina-piresJoaquina Pires

fil-de-tendresse-ala-1 fil-de-tendresse-ala-2

Fil de tendresse/Fio de ternura/Thread of tenderness, Centre d’histoire de Montréal, February 1-May 7, 2017

Read review in Luso Presse

Watch the Portuguese Canadian History Project‘s video story about the exhibit  aired on RTPi’s “Hora dos Portugueses” March 20, 2017.


Gave a talk on “Finding our Voice: Writing the Azorean Diaspora in Canada,” in Professor Manuela Marujo’s Portuguese Island Culture course at the University of Toronto, October 20, 2016


teatro-ribeiragrandenseTeatro Ribeiragrandense

photo-by-helena-chrystello Photo by Helena Chrystello

Attended the 26th Colóquio da lusofonia in Lomba da Maia, São Miguel, Azores  September 29-October 2, 2016.

Katharine F. Baker presented our translation of author Norberto Ávila’s poem cycle “Açórico Roteiro Abreviado,” (A Brief Azorean Tour). I was honoured to collaborate with her on this translation, as well as our talk.


DSCN5368Emanuel Melo, Aida Jordão, Humberto da Silva

DSCN5394                                           Dolores Gontijo, Gil Ventura, Keyla Amorin

Dundas West Fest June 11, 2016

Local online radio station Camoes Radio presents programming from Lusophone countries, including the music of Nuno Cristo and Helder Pereira as well as the return of our LusoVox literary reading series by local poets Salé Almirante (Moçambique), Keyla Amorim (Brasil), Dolores Gontijo (Brasil), Aida Jordão (Portugal), Emanuel Melo (Azores, Portugal), Humberto da Silva (Portugal) & Gil Ventura (Angola. We will be reading at 6PM in front of the Toronto Housing Building at 1525 Dundas, just west of Dufferin.)

Azores is everywhere

“Finding our Voice: The Azorean Diaspora in Canada” talk given to students of PRT252H
Portuguese Island Culture, University of Toronto, November 26, 2015



Cafe com Letras Café Lusófono : reading in Montreal with Luso Vox writers, November
21, 2015



Poster Presentation of “Avó Lives Alone,” in The Voices of Grandparents: Identity,
Memory, and Cultural Heritage, September 11-13, organized by the Department of
Spanish and Portuguese, University of Toronto, 2015


Dundas West Fest June 6, 2015Luso Vox Draft 2-page-jpeg (1)

Luso Vox Reading: with Antonio Marques, Edith Baguinho, Humberto da Silva, Aida Jordão, Irene Marques, Dundas West Fest, June 6, 2015


Nuno Cristo Desgarrada Oakwood Portuguese Culture Salon March 7, 20115

Nascent Oakwood Portuguese Culture Salon and Desgarrada night, Jack’s Grill House,
March 7, 2015


Victoria College

Entre Margens e Memórias, Representações da Diaspora (Margins and Memories:
Representations of the Diaspora): Talk and Roundtable with Erika de Vasconcelos, Carlo Matos, Irene Marques, University of Toronto, Victoria College, November 12, 2014



Echolocation Reading with Caitriona Wright, Jeff Parker, and Irene Marques at Hart House, University of Toronto, June 17, 2014


Dundas West Fest June 7, 2014

Luso Vox Reading Series by Portuguese Canadian Writers (Edith Baguinho, Humberto da Silva, Aida Jordão, Irene Marques) launch at Dundas West Fest,Toronto, June 7, 2014


Citizenry May 12, 2014

Citizenry Café, Roundtable discussion and presentation of Portuguese Canadian Poetry
and Prose, Toronto, May 12, 2014


PRT252H Class February 27, 2014

with Manuela Marujo

“Finding our Voice: The Azorean Diaspora in Canada” talk given to students of PRT252H
Portuguese Island Culture, University of Toronto, February 27, 2014



Memória Anthology launch:

Alberto Castro Gallery, Casa do Alentejo, Toronto, November 30, 2013