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White Birch

This White Birch tree lives by the Scarborough Bluffs in the Harrison Properties at the edge of Lake Ontario. I have watched it age ever since we moved to Birch Cliff eighteen years ago. I wonder if the birch also … Continue reading

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A Snowy Day in Birch Cliff

Somewhere in Birch Cliff, Toronto

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Big Sur is not in the Azores…

Big Sur, California Driving along Big Sur’s coastal highway, a majestic stretch of winding roads with views of the Pacific Ocean, I could not help but superimpose this California landscape with views of the Atlantic Ocean along the meandering roads … Continue reading

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No Longer At Sea: A reader’s response to “No Longer in Translation”

I am indebted to Susan K. Riggs  for writing a reflection on my post, “No Longer in Translation,” and I am delighted to publish it in full here on my blog: No Longer At Sea “No Longer in Translation” is … Continue reading

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Entre as brumas na Ilha de São Miguel

Planalto dos Graminhais Mountains surrounded by Azorean mist calling me home. All photos taken during my 2017 visit to the island.

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