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While Waiting for Spring…Some Photos of São Miguel, Azores

São Miguel, Azores It’s already the middle of March, but there’s still patches of snow in my garden. Spring tends to come late to Toronto. So, for now, here’s some photographs from trips of years past that make me long … Continue reading

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Coming to Canada 53rd Anniversary

February 4th marks the 53rd anniversary of leaving my home in São Miguel, Azores for Toronto, Canada. Fifty-three years in the life of a sixty-two-year-old means that the balance of time is weighed heavily on the side of Toronto with … Continue reading

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Living and Partly living…During the Pandemic

Photo taken at Tommy Thompson Park, looking back to the city of Toronto “Yet we have gone on living, Living and partly living,” say the chorus of Canterbury women in T. S. Elliot’s play Murder in the Cathedral. We, too, … Continue reading

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Pepito Has a Doll/Pepito Tiene Una Muñeca: Book Review

The title of this new English/Spanish bilingual children’s book written by Jesús Canchola Sanchez and illustrated by Armando Minjárez Monárrez comes unapologetically to the point: the boy in the story has a doll. There is no twist or cute dramatic … Continue reading

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A Different Christmas

We are coming to the end of 2020 and I don’t have much that I want to say about it. Instead, I am simply grateful that the Christmas Season is here, with the lights and decorations up in both public … Continue reading

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Nature’s Stained Glass Windows

The elements that have gone into the creation of these stained glass views:  sunlight, sky, water; trees for framing, and a camera for capturing the moment. It’s that simple. It’s that beautiful. Photos taken on my mid-morning walk by the … Continue reading

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A Dusting of Snow

It is truly a winter wonderland after the first dusting of snow covers the Scarborough Bluffs. It didn’t last for more than a day but that’s the way winters in Toronto go.

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The First Sunrise

So many of us are fascinated with sunrises. There must be as many photographs of the rising sun as stars in the firmament. What is it about the daily recurrence of the arrival of the sun that enchants us, transports … Continue reading

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First Snowfall

We had our first November snowfall in Toronto. A record-setting 19.4 cm on Sunday. It’s time to hibernate. What a difference a few weeks makes.

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A Mid-November Walk in Birch Cliff

View of Lake Ontario from Rosetta McClain Gardens It rains today. It’s cloudy and it’s best to stay inside and enjoy the memories of an unseasonal November in Toronto. We have had glorious days of sunshine and warm weather well … Continue reading

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