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Festas do Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres 2022

Convento de Nossa Senhora da Esperança, Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Açores The photograph for this post’s heading shows only a hint of Senhor Santo Cristo ensconced behind the grill. If you look through the top bar next to the column … Continue reading

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My Garden’s Cautious Awakening

Tulips Waiting to Open Soon! It’s springtime but still too chilly this early May and so my Toronto east-end garden is awakening with reluctance. The greening has started but the tulips have yet to open, understandably so. They wait for … Continue reading

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A Slow Spring Coming to Toronto

Scarborough Bluffs by Lake Ontario, Toronto There’s a slow start of spring in Toronto but we can finally see the first signs of soft colour appear along the Scarborough Bluffs by Lake Ontario and the first flowers blooming at Rosetta … Continue reading

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Ponta Delgada: Observable Moments

Ponta Delgada at Dawn Walking in the early morning is the best way to capture the details of a city before it fully wakens. Here are some photographs of observable moments taken while meandering in Ponta Delgada.  

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Ponta Delgada: A City by the Edge of the Atlantic

Igreja de São Sebastião in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel I haven’t been in Ponta Delgada for a long time, but the city by the edge of the Atlantic surfaces in my memory almost daily. Who says that out of sight … Continue reading

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Praia do Porto de Mós

Algarve, March 2009 It’s been a while since I walked along Praia do Porto de Mós in Lagos on a peaceful day.

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A Little Light

I came upon this circle of stones along the shore of Lake Ontario. Someone had made a fire and I could still feel its smoldering heat as I put my hands over the ashes for warmth. Someone left candles, burning … Continue reading

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Revisiting “A Passarada”

When I am in Ponta Delgada, I always revisit the landmarks of my childhood. There’s a sacredness to standing in front of a house or a building that was a part of my life and I take delight in seeing … Continue reading

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A Walk through Thomson Memorial Park in Winter

Toronto has over 1,600 parks, so I discovered on the web. They range from the very small to the very large and there is no way to ignore their presence throughout this vast city. It is no wonder that the … Continue reading

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A Winter’s Day Walk

Rosetta McClain Gardens after snowfall It should be of no surprise to anyone living in Canada to see big snowfalls but we always react to them as if they were an unexpected surprise; we never feel prepared for it! Shovelling … Continue reading

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