Short Stories:

“The First Communion” in Cleaver Magazine, Issue Number 17, Spring 2017

“Tiago” in Cleaver  Magazine, Issue Number 13, March 2016

“The Cottage Visit” in Writers of the Portuguese Diaspora in the United States and Canada: An Anthology, Boavista Press, 2015

“The Weekly Visit” in  Cleaver Magazine Issue Number 8, December 2014

“Avó Lives Alone” in MEMÓRIA: An Anthology of Portuguese Canadian Writers, Fidalgo Books,  2013

“Avó Lives Alone” was also  a Finalist in the Writers’ Union of Canada’s 20th Annual Short Prose Competition for Developing Writers in 2013

Articles and Essays:

“Tia Catarina”  in Gávea-Brown: A Bilingual Journal of Portuguese-American Letters and Studies, issue #44, November 8, 2021

“Reading with my Grandfather,” and also in translation, “Lendo com Meu Avô” in Avós: Raizes e Nós, Anthology coordinated by Aida Baptista, Ilda Januário, Manuela Marujo, Almaletra, July 2020

“Being Through Words,” in Antologia Literária Satúrnia, Autores Luso-Canadianos, coordinated  by Manuel Carvalho, Montreal, 2020

“Dá um abraço à ilha por mim” in Origens 2015-2016 (University of Toronto Portuguese Association), June 2016

Beyond Bullfights and Ice Hockey: A Reader’s Response,  essay on paulo da costa’s Beyond Bullfights and Ice Hockey: Essays on Identity, Language and Writing Culture posted in  www.paulodacosta.ca January 29, 2016

The Guest who refuses to be polite – impressions by Emanuel Melo, on paulo da
costa’s Beyond Bullfights and Ice Hockey: Essays on Identity, Language and Writing Culture posted in www.paulodacosta.ca/ December 20, 2015

“O que eu Devia ter dito ao meu Pai antes de ele Morrer” in Mundo Açoriano,
March 2015

“The Emigrantes” in TWASZINE Fall/Winter 2014-2015, Volume Two, Issue
One, December 2014

“The Emigrantes” in Mundo Açoriano, July 2014

“O Meu 25 de Abril” in TWAZINE Spring/Summer 2014, Volume one, issue
three, April 2014

“Dá um abraço à ilha por mim” in Mundo Açoriano, June 2014

“What I should have told my father before he died: A Reflection on loss and
redemption: a leaving (Azores) and an arrival (Canada)”, 2010
in Canadian Centre for Azorean Research and Studies

“Coming to Canada,”  in the Portuguese Heritage Internet resources sites
for Equity in Education  www.tdsb.on.ca/equity , 2008

“Coming to Canada,”  in www.yorku.ca/ccars/memories.html, 2008

“Nuno Cristo Travels in Lusomania: Welcome aboard his musical Caravela”
review in ‘Twas Review (Toronto World Arts Scene), Volume 3, issue one, July

“Searching for Identity in the Algarve” in “Twas Review (Toronto World Arts
Scene), Volume 3, issue One, July 2006

“My Life as a Portuguese Newspaper Delivery Guy” in Twas Review (Toronto
World Arts Scene), Volume 8, issue One, January/February, 2004

“My Life as a Portuguese Delivery Guy,” in www.yorku.ca/ccars/memories.html, 2004

“Curso de Verão em São Miguel: Matar a Saudade e Aprender ao mesmo Tempo”
article in O Milénio Portuguese newspaper, April 4, 2002

Blog posts published on Comunidades website:

Revisiting the Festa de Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres in Toronto 2019,” June 21, 2019

Visiting My Self in the Museu da Emigração Açoriana,” December 15, 2018

Adelaide Freitas: Dos Açores à America do Norte/From the Azores to North America,” July 6, 2018

A Minha Agustina Bessa-Luís,”  December 2, 2017

The New Wave of Luso-Canadians,”  September 17, 2017

Visiting the Azores Now,”  January 7, 2017

Coming to America on the QM2,” July 13, 2016

Collaboration with Katharine F. Baker’s translation projects:

Freitas, Adelaide Batista. Smiling in the Darkness. Novel trans. Katharine F. Baker, Bobby J. Chamberlain, PhD., Reinaldo F. Silva, PhD., and Emanuel Melo. N. Dartmouth, MA.: Tagus Press, March 2020

António’s Diary: An Azorean Emigrant’s Epic Poem About World War I,” by António da Silva Melo, translation and notes by Katharine F. Baker and Emanuel Melo, 2018

“Travelog,” translation of Urbano Bettencourt’s “Crónica de viagem” by Katharine F. Baker and Emanuel Melo, 2018

“Passeio dos Poetas,” translated as “The Poets’ Walk” by Katharine F. Baker & Emanuel Melo, 2017

“A Verdade do Poeta” by João Mendonça, translated as “The Poet’s Truth” by Katharine F. Baker & Emanuel Melo, 2016

Norberto Ávila, “Açórico roteiro abreviado” In Percurso de poeta, Lisbon, 2000, pp. 41-69.   Translated by Katharine F. Baker & Emanuel Melo, 2016

“I Died at the Bataclan in Paris” In commemoration of November 13, 2015
translated into English by Katharine F. Baker and Emanuel Melo. Poem by
Laureano Soares Faleci no Ba-Ta-Clan em Paris a 13 de Novembro 2015

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