Emanuel in Achada by Dora 2014                        Photo by Dora Pacheco Dias in Achada, São Miguel, Açores


 Toronto is…

Queen Street West

Spadina and Queen Street

City Hall

King Street and University Avenue

Ryerson University

Ryerson Image Centre

Yonge and Bloor

Mowat Block

Dundas and Yonge

Yonge Street

Yonge Street

Yonge Street

Yonge Street

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Like all immigrants to the city, the Portuguese came to Honest Ed’s

Honest Ed’s display Galo de Barcelos loves Canada

Honest Ed’s is Theatre

Honest Ed’s is handmade signs

Honest Ed’s is culture to the end

Bridge on Bathurst Street

wellesley-and-churchWellesley and Church

dscn2277Wellesley and Church

dscn2282LGBTQ Community Centre on Church Street

dscn2260Mural outside 519

dscn2284The 519

dscn2280Church Street

dscn2293Rebuilding Toronto

dscn2296Near Yonge Street and Gloucester






Dundas West Fest, Toronto, June 2015

Azorean treat sold out

Malassadas in Provincetown, USA

DSCN1410Portas da Cidade (City Gate) of Ponta Delgada replicated outside St. Helen’s Church

DSCN1425 (2)Local band on Dundas in front of St. Helen’s Church

Once a Portuguese grocery store, Victoria Supermarket, at Brock and Dundas

The Lula lounge on Dundas

Side street near Dundas

Always the Azores

    On Spadina

    On Spadina and Harbord

        Somewhere on Harbord

Oxford Street and Augusta


Fika Café, Kensington Market

Still Toronto …

Cherry Beach

Beaches, better known as “the beach” by locals

Harbourfront, Lake Ontario

                                                                    Somewhere in Toronto

Lake Ontario East End

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario peace

Still Toronto

Bluffer’s Park in the early morning

The Bluffs

Bluffer’s Park

Bluffer’s Park on the edge of Lake Ontario

Rosetta McClain Gardens

Toronto from Tommy Thompson Park

Lake Ontario from Tommy Thompson Park

Ward’s Island Ferry

St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto

Al Purdy, Canadian Poet in Queen’s Park, contemplating saudade

dscn2338St. Michael’s College quad at dusk

Queen’s Park

Peace offering at University and Dundas

Portuguese azulejo at St. Patrick Subway Station, Toronto


Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Açores

Portas da Cidade

DSCN8313Igreja Matriz de São Sebastião Church


Ponta Delgada at dawn

dscn0902Broken wall after a storm

DSCN8190Cobblestone street

dscn0446Can’t get away from Toronto

DSCN8196Mail still gets delivered to this beautiful ancient door

DSCN8197Love Heals in any language

DSCN0162Poet Antero de Quental, born in Ponta Delgada, committed suicide close to here on September 11, 1891, near Convento de Nossa Senhora da Esperança

DSCN8199I can’t be the woman in your life because I am the woman in my life!

DSCN0104Convento da Esperança

DSCN8287Igreja de São José Church

229Graffiti comes to Ponta Delgada


DSCN0423Cherubs everywhere

DSCN8507Respiradores (óculos)

DSCN8384Best bookstore in Ponta Delgada now closed forever.

DSCN8386Casa das Palmeiras

DSCN8392Although not a Portuguese food, even here, Pizza is forever.

dscn0438Carlos Machado Museum



dscn0886Igreja de São José Church



dscn0931The city and the ocean

dscn0934Abandoned house



dscn0945Flowers growing on abandoned house

Proud Azorean catProud Azorean cat

DSCN8510Strolling through the city.

São Miguel, Açores

416Nordeste coastline


Hydrangea in Blue

View from Planalto dos Gramihais

Planalto dos Graminhais

Mosteiros house gateMosteiros

Lucky cat living by the ocean

DSCN9772Fishing in Nordeste

DSCN8859Hydrangea, Hortênsia, or nevelões, are everywhere throughout the island.


View of Lagoa das Furnas from Pico do Ferro Miradouro

Furnas natural spring water

dscn0627Parque Terra Nostra

parque-terra-nostraParque Terra Nostra

dscn0651Parque Terra Nostra

dscn0662Parque Terra Nostra

dscn0652Parque Terra Nostra

dscn0665Parque Terra Nostra

dscn0684Parque Terra Nostra

DSCN8708Someone once lived here but the flowers remain.

DSCN9894Flor das Conteiras found everywhere in Nordeste



TerceiraTerceira island


Festa in Vila Franca do Campo

Ribeira Grande

Ribeira Grande

Soccer in Ribeira Grande

Miradouro in Nordeste


dscn1588Church in Achada



Achadinha, Nordeste

Lagoa das Sete CidadesLagoa das Sete Cidades

Sete Cidades

Sete Cidades

Farol da Ponta do Arnel, Nordeste

dscn1489Oh, to be a cow in the Azores!


dscn1829Gates into orchards

dscn1585Someone’s garden

dscn1764Old Achada



dscn1893Ruined water mill

dscn1890Water mill



Along the coast of S. Miguel

dscn2105Achada mist

dscn1980Sunrise along the coast

Sunset along the coast


1025Land and the Atlantic merge as one


dscn0915Praia de S. Roque

ferraria-coastFerraria Coast

lighthouseFerraria lighthouse

ponta-do-citraoPonta do Citrão


1026Where does the sky start and the Atlantic begin?




200O mar in Nordeste

Calhau in Achada



DSCN9461The Atlantic Ocean cradles the Azores

Ocean and Rock

Photographs belong to ©Emanuel Melo unless indicated otherwise. No reproduction allowed without express permission.