Toronto’s Reluctant Spring

The first month of spring was not spring at all; winter stubbornly refused to leave and became the unwelcomed guest who stays too long at the party. We have endured the weather politely and patiently, as Torontonians are prone to do. Finally, there are signs of trees coming to life. But as these photos will show, we are still a long way from the fullness of a green spring that should have been here by now.

Cumberland Street with still bare trees on May the 8th!

The Planetarium, behind  trees like a fallen moon, shares the skyline with new buildings


Bare Tree Reflection: Faculty of Law Library, University of Toronto

The tallest building is at Yonge and Bloor

Charles Street East near Sherbourne Street

Charles Street East

In a few weeks’ time this tree will hide the red sculpture from view!

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2 Responses to Toronto’s Reluctant Spring

  1. Kathie says:

    “The Planetarium, behind trees like a fallen moon…” — what an evocative turn of phrase!

    I suppose now there’ll only be a couple weeks of Spring (my favorite season) until Summer arrives early 😦


  2. ilda says:

    Hi Emanuel, beautiful photos! But I disagree with you on one thing: there are no “shoulds” when it comes to Canadian spring. May promises much but doesn’t always deliver, June does.


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