A Winter Storm in Toronto

Snow has fallen steadily in Toronto since yesterday, up to 22 centimeters or more overnight, and this morning, it’s chaos for drivers and commuters alike, so I see on TV news. Luckily, I can stay home and watch the winter magic from my house, but yesterday I managed to go for a walk downtown as well as a walk around my neighborhood to take some photographs just as the snow started to come down.

The city at Cumberland and Avenue Road area:

My neighbourhood:

From my house:

Dedico estas fotos aos meus amigos brasileiros que estão, com toda a certeza, a gozar um dia de verão!

About thetorzorean

The musings of a torontonian azorean on identity and belonging. You can find me at https://thetorzorean.com/
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6 Responses to A Winter Storm in Toronto

  1. Kathie says:

    All I can think of is what a shock it must’ve been for you as a child from a mild climate, when you arrived in Toronto in the dead of winter.

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  2. ilda says:

    Great photos as well, Emanuel! I had to dig my way out of home today, but it was reassuring to have an old fashioned snowstorm in these days of climate change.

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  3. thetorzorean says:

    Hi Ilda,
    At least the snow is light and fluffy which makes it easier to shovel, for sure. May the rest of your day be one of just enjoying the beauty of snow, now that you have shoveled yourself out into the world!

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  4. Alex Antunes says:

    Como a cidade fica linda com neve! 😍 ❄️❄️❄️

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