Ice Sculptures at Toronto’s Icefest 2019

Each February for the past 14 years, for one weekend only, Cumberland Street in Toronto’s Yorkville Neighbourhood comes alive with awe-inspiring ice sculptures attracting thousands of people who jostle, politely but firmly, to have a moment to capture a selfie with each sculpture.

It was a challenge for me to photograph these remarkable works of ephemeral translucent beauty without anyone standing in front of them, but with patience, I managed to get a few pictures.

Toronto’s CN Tower, so ethereal in ice

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4 Responses to Ice Sculptures at Toronto’s Icefest 2019

  1. Rosa Silva says:

    Very nice pictures. I love to see them. Thank you


    • thetorzorean says:

      Olá Rosa (“Azoriana”)

      Fico contente de saber que gostou das minhas fotos. Obrigado pelo comentário. Aproveito este espaço para dizer-lhe que gosto muito do seu blog.

      Um abraço para si e para a ilha onde mora,



  2. Ilda says:

    Beautiful, Emanuel, the human figures especially. What is an Icefest? The art of turning the unbearably cold into a heart-warming experience. That is what you conveyed with your photos.


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