The Guild Inn at Guild Park & Gardens

The Guild Inn facing the gardens

Toronto, such a modern city today, can still surprise us with treasures from the past.

After being abandoned for many years, the historical Guild Inn at the Guild Park & Gardens, once a hotel and artist’s colony, was recently restored and expanded to function as a place where people can celebrate life’s milestones.

The Guild Inn restoration was done with care and thought – proving that we don’t have to demolish every tangible sign of a long-ago Toronto in the creation of the Toronto of today and tomorrow.

Before restoration

After restoration

A path leading to walks in the gardens

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8 Responses to The Guild Inn at Guild Park & Gardens

  1. Carol Wells says:

    What a special place!! I remember our day there last summer and how much I enjoyed wandering through the gardens and the buildings. Really a treasure and so glad it’s been restored. Thank you for posting this Emanuel.


  2. Manuela Marujo says:

    A pleasure to read, you are preserving in people’s memories beautiful places that I am sure will bring lots of joy to those who knew these places a long time ago. And the ones who did, feel the need to go and visit.Thank you, Emanuel.


  3. ilda says:

    I would love to visit this place, Emanuel, thanks for informing us and enchanting us with your photos.


  4. Kathie B says:

    All these marvelous local spots you’re highlighting, Emanuel — you’ll have to show them to us next time we visit Toronto (hint, hint).


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