The Dundas Portuguese Bakery Reimagined by Nova Era Bakery

Last February I wrote about the closing of one of the oldest Portuguese bakeries in Toronto, the Dundas Portuguese Bakery. I thought, as did others, that this was going to be the end of the famous bolos levedos, one of the many delicious treats this bakery offered to the community.

Many months later, while shopping at Rui Gomes Portuguese Supermarket, I was surprised to find packages of bolos levedos, still labelled with the Dundas Portuguese Bakery graphics on the plastic bag.  Of course, I was puzzled, but also delighted.

Later, I saw more bolos levedos for sale at one of the several locations of the popular Nova Era Bakery. I was thrilled to know that I could continue to get my fix of bolos levedos anytime I felt like having one!

I recently learned from someone who works at Nova Era Bakery that when the owner’s son learned that Senhor Francisco and his wife were closing their business, he had the foresight to purchase their recipes. The couple not only sold their recipes for bolos levedos, pão de ló, biscoitos, and other products but they also personally took on the task of teaching the Nova Era staff how to make them.

Since then, Nova Era Bakeries has been selling the beloved baked goods that the Portuguese community can now continue to enjoy. Interestingly, the same distributor who worked for the Dundas Portuguese Bakery still delivers them to smaller stores throughout Toronto.

In addition to the recipes, Nova Era Bakery also kept the Dundas Portuguese Bakery phone number, and I have been told that they still get calls from people enquiring about bolos levedos. The former owners must feel very proud in knowing that their legacy will continue to live on for years to come, thanks to Nova Era!

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6 Responses to The Dundas Portuguese Bakery Reimagined by Nova Era Bakery

  1. Ilda says:

    Hi Emanuel, I felt compelled to go back and read for the first time your piece about the closing of the Dundas Bakery, and loved it! You had a true feeling of neighbourhood in the west, and your mom’s comments are always apropos. Now you live on the east side but deep down you are still west side guy… I haven’t had a bolo levedo in ages, but your text made me want to go to the Nova Era Bakery nearby and buy a bag.

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  2. dulcedelgado says:

    Que bom esse legado não ter desaparecido e permitir continuar a adoçar bocas e corações!
    Esses bolos doces são tão bons!

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  3. Jenn says:

    Thank you so much for this! Ever since traveling to the Azores I have been craving bolos levedos constantly and was so sad to hear that the original bakery on Dundas was closing. So happy to find a new source for these!

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  4. jdejesus2001 says:

    Just came back from my first visit to Sao Miguel, Azores where I literally ate bolos every day for a week! 2 sometimes 3 everyday. I love this bread! I’m happy to find someone making them in Toronto!

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    • thetorzorean says:

      Thanks for sharing your bolos levedos story. I think the best ones are still the ones you get in Furnas (lucky you) but I’m glad to have them available in Toronto, too. I hope you get to try the one’s made in Toronto but better yet I hope you get to visit S. Miguel again and eat them there again. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Obrigado. Emanuel


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