Rosetta McClain Gardens in an April unlike any other April

Rosetta McClain Gardens in an April unlike any other April. An April when the garden starts to come to life on its own but with less people around to appreciate it. There are signs that the city garden workers come by, but I never see them. Perhaps it’s because I only walk through the park infrequently now. The benches are sealed off, so there is no stopping to visit with nature. The view of Lake Ontario, although so close by, feels closed off, too.  Everything feels like it’s in suspended animation, in quarantine, complying with the signs put up by the entrance gates. Yet the daffodils have started to bloom and their yellow flowers are a hopeful sign of better days ahead.

Thank you to the City of Toronto for allowing us to walk through the park as long as we practice safe social distancing.

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8 Responses to Rosetta McClain Gardens in an April unlike any other April

  1. I love the photo of the water with the low lying clouds. Would love to paint that.

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  2. Carol Wells-Gordon says:

    Sadly, quietly beautiful. Thank you Emanuel.

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  3. Ilda says:

    Hi Emanuel, so glad you can walk through the garden now. The water colour is stunning, it took my breath away. Thanks for sharing the view.

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    • thetorzorean says:

      You’re welcome, Ilda. The lake’s light and colour is forever changing. This was a particularly stunning deep blue and I’m glad I got a glimpse of it.
      By the way, the colour is real. I did not use a filter or use a program to enhance it. It’s simply “colour by nature’s design.”


  4. Kathie B says:

    Next Spring in the Rosetta McClain Gardens with you, OK?

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