Remembering the Festa do Senhor Santo Cristo in Toronto

The Azorean Festa do Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres has been celebrated in Toronto since 1966. Last year I went to see the procession and now I’m glad I did because the celebration that was to be held this weekend has been cancelled. All I have is the memories of 2019 that I shared on the blog last year. I now share it again with you:

Revisiting the Festa do Senhor Sando Cristo dos Milagres in Toronto.

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3 Responses to Remembering the Festa do Senhor Santo Cristo in Toronto

  1. Kathie B says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Emanuel. John and I enjoyed attending Toronto’s Dia dos Açores in 2009, (mainly) in Little Portugal, which had some of the same events (including sopas, of course!). Maybe someday we’ll get to return for another festa…

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  2. The cancellations are so sad. Glad you were able to capture some digital memories to enjoy now.

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  3. dulcedelgado says:

    Para o ano esta festa será duplamente vivida! Já a fé…não sofre cancelamentos!

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