The Last Time I saw Lisbon: Graffiti

I can’t say that I like graffiti very much but it also tells a story. There are many photographs of graffiti and street art in Lisbon available for viewing on-line. It’s perhaps redundant for me to add a few more to the mix, but this is what I saw in 2011.

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8 Responses to The Last Time I saw Lisbon: Graffiti

  1. crr29061 says:

    I too am very drawn to graffiti when I am in a major metropolitan area. I remember taking pictures of some very interesting graffiti in Pisa Italy but it could not compare to the images you have here!

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  2. Kathie B says:

    Does anyone else here remember this?

    For many years on the taxi ride en route from the Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, airport to the center of town, I’d see an old graffito of the three letters FLA spray-painted onto a wall — a remnant of the Frente de Libertação dos Açores (Azores Liberation Front), which had long ago whimpered and almost totally died out as most Azoreans decided they preferred to remain part of Portugal rather than form a separate nation in the wake of the Carnation Revolution (25 de Abril).

    Then one time as I rode into town I noticed that some wag had added the letters CIDO to it — which, despite my extreme jet-lag, caused me to snort aloud with delighted derision at the editorial diss on the long-impotent state of the movement.

    The last few times I rode into PDL, however, I noticed that the graffito had been completely painted over. Alas.

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  3. Manuela Marujo says:

    Teu olhar atento, sensível e artístico levou-me a Lisboa…que saudades, Emanuel

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  4. Jamey says:

    Love all of your pics Em! Especially this series on graffiti in Lisbon.

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  5. Ilda says:

    You may not like graffiti, Emanuel, but you photographed beautifully!

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