Grand Manan is an island on the Canadian side of the Atlantic

Anchorage Provincial Park, Grand Manan

Last summer, we drove from Toronto all the way to the Province of New Brunswick where we took a big car ferry across to the island of Grand Manan in the Bay of Fundy. We stayed in a lovely cottage across from Pebble Beach with views of the ocean. We enjoyed car rides along the coast and the interior of the island, with stops at Dark Harbour, Sea Cove, Southwest Head Light House, and the Swallowtail Lightstation. We also took a small ferry to White Head, a little island just off the east coast of Grand Manan.

Before the visit was over we were already making plans to return this summer. We had no idea then that we would not be welcomed back to the Maritime Provinces this year because they want to contain the spread of the virus that has changed how we live now.

Perhaps we’ll be back one day. It’s hard to know; especially now when it is hard to know how our lives will unfold. For now, I have these photographs to remind me of a lovely visit to Grand Manan.

Castalia Marsh:

Sea Cove:

Dark Harbour:

Swallowtail Lighthouse:

Southwest Head Lighthouse:

Places along the way:

White Head Island:

Pebble Beach:

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17 Responses to Grand Manan is an island on the Canadian side of the Atlantic

  1. Kathie B says:

    We haven’t been to Grand Manan (except vicariously through you!), but enjoyed camping at Fundy National Park and on Campobello Island when we were young.

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  2. I love these photos especially the beach and sunset shots. We were hoping to visit the east coast this summer too. Fingers crossed for next year.

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  3. stevenc19 says:

    Beautiful photos and you will go back one day.

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  4. dulcedelgado says:

    Um belo e tranquilo lugar com magníficas fotos a documentar!
    Compreendo muito bem a vontade de regressar logo que possível!

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  5. Que captações fantásticas Emanuel. Conseguiste me colocar um pouco no seu ambiente, estão fantásticas.
    Um abraço.

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  6. Ilda says:

    As usual, we travelled through your photos and words, Emanuel. Such peaceful landscapes! The purple sunset was extraordinary.

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  7. Steve Cogan says:

    Wow, great trip and beautiful photos!

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  8. Que cenário magnífico!!
    Dá vontade de ir explorar, sem dúvida alguma!
    Abraço! 🙂

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