Rosetta McClain Gardens, After Rain

There is a wonder to the garden that only comes after a rainfall while the mist lingers. I went back to Rosetta McClain Gardens once the rain stopped and took these photos. Some will be similar to the sunny shots I posted yesterday, but the after-rain gives the same flowers and plants a special look which makes it worthwhile to include them here again. I hope you enjoy looking at these June flowers and plants as much as I enjoyed photographing them.

Soon there will be peonies in full bloom for my friend Ilda Januário.

How easily yesterday’s poppies are taken by the rain, yet beautiful in their falling apart.

Lucky squirrel to live in such a great garden but even he must be careful of the hawks that fly over Rosetta Gardens looking for tasty snacks!

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6 Responses to Rosetta McClain Gardens, After Rain

  1. Nuno França says:

    Que bonito, Emanuel!
    Muito obrigado pela partilha!
    Adorei as fotografias… de facto, com chuva e sem chuva, conseguem-se momentos lindos! Estas imagens são prova disso mesmo. Adorei as flores, aqueles pormenores em algumas fotografias com teias de aranha, que dão aquele toque de puro.


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  2. Kathie B says:

    The spooky mist gives me saudades for my native San Francisco Bay Area’s fog.

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  3. Alex Antunes says:

    Lindas flores!
    Lindo jardim!
    O frescor da chuva deve ter acentuado o odor das flores. 🙂

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  4. dulcedelgado says:

    Magnífico lugar e fotos!

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  5. Ilda says:

    Beautiful photos again, Emanuel! Thanks for showing the peonies about to bloom and that lovely squirrel.

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  6. crr29061 says:

    i love the misty photos!!! nice work!

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