A window in Óbidos, looking out into Óbidos

It was such a very long time ago when I had the pleasure of staying for several days in Óbidos, one of Portugal’s most charming medieval walled towns.

The memory of walking its quiet deserted streets in the early morning hours before the arrival of the thousands of people who descend on Óbidos daily is one that has stayed with me ever since that visit.

These photographs were taken in 1992. I haven’t been back to Óbidos since then. I hope the town has retained its look and that it still delights those who have the pleasure of walking through its streets where flowers adorn walls with such abundance.

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5 Responses to Óbidos

  1. crr29061 says:

    I loved Obidos too! it’s so charming. i wished we had had more than just a brief visit!

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  2. Kathie B says:

    In the second photo, are those lantana? A number of the flowers you photographed remind me of ones I recall in neighborhood home gardens in the Berkeley-Oakland area (similar climate, and once upon a time a fair number of Portuguese immigrants and their descendants residing there, including my paternal grandparents).

    I enjoyed your pictures with perspective and vanishing points (the geometer in me, I suppose!). Hope you get to make a return visit to Óbidos and so many other places you love in Portugal.

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  3. MoonInSpain says:

    I used to be here every 3 weeks working! I love Obidos! Thank you for the beautiful photos and memories.

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  4. Nuno França says:

    Percorri Óbidos há uns anitos e adorei!
    Local fantástico. Ver a vila da muralha é qualquer coisa… Fez-me lembrar também Dubrovnik, na Croácia. Cada qual, com a sua beleza.
    Numa reforma, era um belo sítio para viver. 🙂

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