Sintra is the Romantic Heart of Portugal

I visited Sintra in October of 1984 and then in late-September of 1992. I mention the months because the fall light cast a spell over me and allowed me to experience Sintra as a magical place; full of early-morning mist moving over the castle walls, as we meandered in silence, taking in the peace and fresh-scent of the forest that surrounded us.  There is much that has been written about Sintra and its appeal to travellers, including the poet, Lord Byron, who praised Sintra in his famous poem, Child Harold’s Pilgrimage.

Rather than retell the stories easily available on-line, I prefer to share these photographs of a place and time that I am grateful to have experienced.

Me in Sintra, 1989

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11 Responses to Sintra is the Romantic Heart of Portugal

  1. Kathie B says:

    Obrigada, Emanuel. It’s on my must-see list! Interesting observation re the natural light at different times of year.

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  2. Ilda says:

    Beautiful place indeed and I loved the photo of you with what seems to be a huge crown over your head. 🙂 King for a day.

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  3. stevenc19 says:

    Wonderful photos – so great to see them.

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  4. annmary0723 says:

    very beautiful posts! I loved Lisbon, especially Sintra! such a beautiful and mysterious town and great nature! sadly I only stayed one day in there but it was amazing. and your photography is great, I got nostalgic ♥️

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  5. mattbritt69 says:

    I love Sintra. First visit 1992 and last 2019 with about 12 in between.


  6. mattbritt69 says:

    Thanks!! I love it there and will be going back soon!!


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