Lisboa, 1992

Views of São Vincente de Fora and the dome of Santa Engrácia, Panteão Nacional

The elevador de Santa Justa for beautiful views of the city

Dome of the Panteão Nacional

Basílica de Santa Maria Maior, Sé Patriarcal de Lisboa

Basílica da Estrela

Basílica da Estrela dome

Basílica da Estrela

A certain beauty in the decay but I hope this building has been restored


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2 Responses to Lisboa, 1992

  1. Kathie B says:

    The geometer in me especially adores your perspective photos!

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  2. Ilda says:

    I agree, Emanuel, there is a certain beauty in decay but even more beauty in a tasteful restauration.
    Thanks for the time travel.

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