When Walking Doesn’t Get You There

Ermida de Nossa Senhora do Pranto

As much as I like to walk alone while exploring the countryside during my sporadic visits to São Miguel, there’s an advantage in knowing family who live there who can show me places (by car!) I might otherwise miss.

In 2014 I was staying in Achada where my father’s cousin, primo João Fernandes, one of the loveliest men I have ever met, would run into me during my long walks. One day he stopped his car and gave me a ride, stopping at the Ermida de Nossa Senhora do Pranto, a chapel he was sure I would like to see. He actually took the time from his busy work life to let me go inside for a few minutes.  I was delighted to be shown this ermida, one of the many that populate the island, and to feel its silence and sense of simple mystery.

I would have liked to stay longer but primo was in need of getting back to work and insisted on giving me a ride, as we were still halfway to Achada and he worried about me walking so much, so I politely accepted. I thanked him and waved “Até logo” as I watched him drive off, returning to his cows pasturing in a field somewhere nearby.

Primo João Fernandes and his beautiful smile

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8 Responses to When Walking Doesn’t Get You There

  1. dulcedelgado says:

    Da associação dos Açores com uma surpresa… só poderia resultar um bom momento!

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  2. Kathie B says:

    You say “he worried about me walking so much.” Did you have an injury, or not enough time before you needed to be elsewhere?


  3. ilda says:

    As you know, Emanuel, an “ermida” is a chapel in the middle of nowhere, “ermo”, so there’s a certain mystery to it. No wonder you wanted to stay longer. Maybe next time…

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  4. Dawn Wink says:

    Oh, how beautiful, Emanuel! I did not have internet for 6 weeks and am just now getting a chance to savor the beauty of your pieces. What a joy!
    Thanks ever so much for sharing the beauty of your worlds and lens of life.
    Un abrazo,


    • thetorzorean says:

      Thank you so much, Dawn. I’m glad you have your internet back. It does allow us to connect with the world, so it’s a good thing. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Un abrazo back. Emanuel


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