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No Longer At Sea: A reader’s response to “No Longer in Translation”

I am indebted to Susan K. Riggs  for writing a reflection on my post, “No Longer in Translation,” and I am delighted to publish it in full here on my blog: No Longer At Sea “No Longer in Translation” is … Continue reading

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Entre as brumas na Ilha de São Miguel

Planalto dos Graminhais Mountains surrounded by Azorean mist calling me home. All photos taken during my 2017 visit to the island.

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A Farewell to Toronto’s CLRV Streetcar

CLRV (Canadian Light Rail Vehicle) streetcar On Sunday, December 29, 2019 the Toronto Transit Commission retired its CLRV (Canadian Light Rail Vehicle) streetcars after forty-two years of service. Enthusiasts of all things Toronto and transportation came out to experience one last … Continue reading

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Les Santons de Charlevoix

Les Santons de Charlevoix Many years ago, while travelling through the Province of Quebec’s Charlevoix region, I came upon a wonderful shop nestled in the small town of St. Joseph de la Rive, called Les Santons de Charlevoix, where they … Continue reading

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A Baltic Journey: Sweden

  Malmö, Sweden While the Queen Elizabeth docked in Denmark, we decided to go into Sweden for a short visit. I felt guilty, riding on the bus that took us away from beautiful Copenhagen, especially when our bus tour guide … Continue reading

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A Baltic Journey: Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark What I remember most fondly about Copenhagen is the rushing sound of hundreds of bicycles going by in the streets. The exhilarating feeling of being part of a vibrant city was never as intense as I walked the … Continue reading

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A Baltic Journey: Latvia

Riga, Latvia Riga is a beautiful city to visit. We managed to enjoy a guided tour of its abundant Art Nouveau architecture, which graces many of its streets like an outdoor museum (a comparison I read about in a Portuguese … Continue reading

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