A Snowy Day in Birch Cliff

Somewhere in Birch Cliff, Toronto

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The musings of a torontonian azorean on identity and belonging. You can find me at https://thetorzorean.com/
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7 Responses to A Snowy Day in Birch Cliff

  1. marvellous – the first photo is my favourite – what a gorgeous tree dressed in white


  2. Ilda says:

    Fabulous photos as usual, Emanuel! It was really hard to shovel the white stuff this morning off my sidewalk. 😦


  3. Manuela Marujo says:

    Magia no ar. Impossível não ficarmos deslumbrados. Lindas imagens, que sorte a tua poderes apreciar tal beleza, tens que ser influenciado por toda essa beleza.


  4. Alex Antunes says:

    Lindas fotos! A paisagem com neve também é bonita.

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  5. Bacardi Gold says:

    When my mother was still alive we made an artificial snow out of soap and flour. Then we put it on the branches of our Christmas tree and decorated it. Today we can have snow right in our freezer and played with it.

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