Big Sur is not in the Azores…

Big Sur, California

Driving along Big Sur’s coastal highway, a majestic stretch of winding roads with views of the Pacific Ocean, I could not help but superimpose this California landscape with views of the Atlantic Ocean along the meandering roads in São Miguel, Azores.

The Pacific Coast Highway travels through another beautiful place in the world, geographically so far away from the Azorean Archipelago, yet it can evoke an immediate sense of home, just the same.

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3 Responses to Big Sur is not in the Azores…

  1. Stephen Dow says:

    We had a wonderful time driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in 2011 from San Francisco to Los Angeles! This trip is definitely among the top ten (if not top five) things to do and see in North America.


  2. Kathie B says:

    After I returned from my first trip to the Azores and showed John my photos, he commented on how much Azorean immigrants to California must have been reminded of their native coastlines (he didn’t know the term “saudades” yet).

    Speaking of Big Sur, during a visit to my parents in our native Northern California long ago, they and I took a car trip to the Monterey-Big Sur area. The following humorous incident, which happened to my father and me one afternoon, is recounted bilingually on the following page:
    “Os falantes de japonês” / “The Japanese-speakers”:


  3. Ilda says:

    The arum lilies make all the difference between the two landscapes…


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