A Winter’s Day Walk (Rosetta McClain Gardens)

Rosetta McClain Gardens after snowfall

It should be of no surprise to anyone living in Canada to see big snowfalls but we always react to them as if they were an unexpected surprise; we never feel prepared for it! Shovelling becomes the ordeal of homeowners and the annoying sound of snow blowers fill the neighbourhood all day long. Later, it’s the even more annoying beeping of city trucks that come to clear the roads in the middle of the night.

A week ago, we had about 40 centimeters of beautiful snow in one day! All we could do was stay indoors in-between attempts to clear some of the accumulating snow from the driveway, with the rest just piled up in snowbanks on the street.

The next day the streets were still covered in snow but it was a sunny morning and despite the minus 21 temperature I ventured out with my heaviest winter coat and Sorel boots on a solitary walk to Rosetta McClain Gardens.  To my delight, I was the only one there so it was a treat to have the place to myself. The snow was knee-deep and although some tracks were already made by hardier souls who ventured out even earlier that I did, it was a good workout as I made my way through the garden.

After a time I began to feel the cold on my face and so I made the return journey home, comforted by the visit to Rosetta on a snow filled day.


Enjoy these photographs of the the garden without having to put on winter attire!

The views of Lake Ontario along the fence are always breathtaking but especially in winter when the whiteness around me ends where the blue or steel grey of the lake takes over.

The sunlight, like a skilled painter, drew wonderful shadows on the snow.

A pleasant place to sit for a while on the way back home.Harding Parkette

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17 Responses to A Winter’s Day Walk (Rosetta McClain Gardens)

  1. Kathie B says:

    Brrr… You walk and photograph, so I don’t have to 😉❄️️

    Hope you had a nice warm beverage at home afterwards.

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  2. Beautiful!
    Especially when you are the only/first person to leave your marks in the snow.

    I spent one winter in Calgary, and I was out every sunny day. Only for one or two hours and wearing two pairs of gloves, two pairs of socks and the heaviest jacket I could find in the house. But the air was so crisp, it felt refreshing!
    But I was also always happy when I got back home. More to get out of all the cumbersome clothes than for the temperature.

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    • thetorzorean says:

      Thank you, Andreas. I’ve been to Calgary once. I think it was in the month of March and it’s really cold there, more than in Toronto (I think). It’s good for mental health to get out and walk in nature especially in the cold months of January and February when it’s tempting to just stay indoors all the time. I agree, the cumbersome clothes can be more annoying than the cold itself.

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  3. What a treat for me to see these stunning snow pics. Maybe one day I will see snow! Thank you for sharing this experience. I enjoyed the post very much!

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  4. dulcedelgado says:

    Um frio cheio de beleza!

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  5. Ilda says:

    Loved the photos, Emanuel, and you’re so right, it always seem to take us by surprise, even in January. We are now knee-deep in winter.

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  6. thetorzorean says:

    Thanks, Ilda. I hope you are cozy inside but also enjoying your walks in nature, too.


  7. Esmeralda says:

    Lovely photos, Emanuel. I really enjoyed these. We had a brief encounter with snow this year and I loved it but it’s all gone now.

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  8. Great pix Emanuel. The snow is so beautiful and pristine, until you have to shovel it…

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  9. Humberto says:

    Beautiful pix Emanuel. You have perfectly captured the winter wonderland of Rosetta McLain Gardens ! Happy New Year to you and Stephen !


    • thetorzorean says:

      Thanks so much, Humberto. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family, too. Sorry for not acknowledging your nice comment until now but I only found it today when I went to clear my spam folder! Glad to have seen it before clearing the box of spam. You certainly are not spam!


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