A Walk through Thomson Memorial Park in Winter

Toronto has over 1,600 parks, so I discovered on the web. They range from the very small to the very large and there is no way to ignore their presence throughout this vast city. It is no wonder that the logo on every Toronto park sign is “A City within a Park.”

I never really appreciated their distinctive place and importance until the pandemic forced me to look for places to travel closer to home. Since I don’t drive, I can rely on public transportation to get to almost any park but I stopped using TTC for almost two years, so my travel has been mostly limited to relying on my partner, Stephen, driving us to explore parks we haven’t been to before.

Thomson Memorial Park (and Scarborough Historical Museum) is about a 20-minute drive from home. I’m glad we went there this week just to get out in nature, even though it is so tempting just to stay indoors during the cold days of January. But even an hour of walking in nature can restore some sanity to a mind gone dormant with so much inclausura.

This park was an enjoyable walk along flat easy trails, with no arduous hills to climb, but interesting nonetheless.

Within the park is the Scarborough Historical Museum , a cluster of four heritage buildings, that remain closed for now but which looked interesting enough for a future visit.

Here’s some more photos of snow covered landscapes, the only kind I can show you during these winter months. I hope you enjoy them.

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8 Responses to A Walk through Thomson Memorial Park in Winter

  1. Ilda says:

    Thanks, Emanuel, for sharing your thoughts and discoveries in the city. I would love to visit this park and museum one day.

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  2. Carol Wells says:

    I did enjoy my virtual walk through the park as brought to life through your eyes. So beautiful and tranquil. I love the blue shadows of the trees as they stretch their arms out over the pristine snow. I am intrigued by the decorative red post in one of the photos and by the colourful puzzle piece in front of the museum building in another. What are they about? Thank you Emanuel. I do love your posts.


    • thetorzorean says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed your virtual walk, Carol. I, too, was curious about their meaning but didn’t get close enough to read any posted information. I’ll have to go back in the spring and have a closer look and then I’ll let you know. Something to look forward to. Stay warm.


  3. Kathie B says:

    As a native of the (snowless) SF Bay Area, all I can think of is what a shock it must’ve been for you as a child to have arrived to something like this in Canada in the dead of winter, compared to the Azores.


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